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Otter Fencing – an investment in security for your fishery

Protect your freshwater fishery from otter raids with purpose built otter fencing.

Due to the rising population of wild otters in the UK, inland freshwater fishery owners have been compelled to find an effective and humane otter barrier to protect their valuable stock and businesses from this protected species.

Kennet Landscape Solutions provides a full commercial otter fencing installation and maintenance service for fisheries and wildfowl lakes in the South of the UK.

We cover the A34, M4, M3 and M25 corridors but not without exception, so please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

Otter Fencing

Otter fencing has been developed using a post and rail system with galvanized netting. Deep footings are created in a cleared area away from trees and shrubbery. The netting is either continued below ground to prevent otters from digging underneath the fence or folded at right angles at the base and covered in soil and seeded grass. An outward facing angled top section prevents otters and other agile predators from climbing over the fence.

The fencing creates a barrier to other forms of wildlife including humans, making your business even more secure from predation and poaching.

Kennet Landscapes – otter fencing contractors – how we work

  • Site survey
  • Design
  • Pricing
  • Contract
  • Site preparation including the use of heavy plant
  • Clearance
  • Otter fencing installation
  • Maintenance

Find out more from Natural England

Natural England standing advice for local planning authorities to assess the impacts of development on otters can be found here.

Safety on site

All of our working practices on-site conform to current [health and safety] legislation. The safety of our employees, clients and users is paramount at all times and we are committed to the highest possible standards of workmanship to achieve this.


Kennet Landscaping Solutions works closely with surveyors, contract managers and other specifiers to provide secure otter fencing installations.

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